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 Active Miners: 0
Step 2. Pick a port
Pick a server to view available ports

 US Ports

scrypt ports:

Step 3. Set a username
Pick a currency that we pay out in
Insert a valid MNC address Checking address validity Invalid address The server had an error attempting to validate! Valid address
Step 4. Configure your first worker (optional settings)
Alphanumeric characters only
Only 'sticks' on fixed diff ports!
Step 5. Configure your miner
URL: Select region above
Port: Select port above
Username: Fill in username above.worker1
Password: x
Commandline example: ./sgminer -o stratum+tcp://Select region above:Select port above -u Fill in username above.worker1 -p x -I 13
Step 6. Make sure your hashrate shows up

Stats link:[Your Payout Address]

After a few minutes of mining your stats page should be showing a graph and hashrate for your miners. If it isn't, double check your configs.

Step 7. Edit your account settings

Settings link:[Your Payout Address]

More configuration of your account is available on your account settings page. Including:
  • Setting additional payout addresses (this is required in order to collect some merged mining rewards!)
  • Add a donation to the pool
  • Enable privacy (hides your address on the leaderboard)
Visit the settings page for your account to get started / learn more.