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How changing settings works

Since there is no registration we use the message signing system built into the QT wallet to prove you control the address. The basic process is:

  1. Fill out form with desired settings + generate a message w/ those settings
  2. Copy the generated message
  3. Sign the message with your wallet, using your account address (MUwaLVgfhSbhybGM8Jq9mPPmZqF4Y2dPPy)
  4. Paste the signature in the signature field below + submit the form
Claim all your earnings

By default if you do not have an address set for a merge mined coin it will automatically be converted to your account currency (Mincoin).

You may (optionally) set an address for any coin we mine and you'll be paid out your portion of that rather than exchanging it

Some merge mined coins can't be exchanged so you'll need to set an address for them or they'll be donated to the pool.

Step 1. Pick new settings + generate the message

General Settings

MUwaLVgfhSbhybGM8Jq9mPPmZqF4Y2dPPy (Mincoin)

Earnings Distribution Optionally donate some of your earnings to the pool, or to any address that we payout in

Total donations cannot exceed 100%

Split payout requires both an address and a percentage, or to remove it both must be removed.

Split payout address cannot be the same as your main user address.

A percentage to donate directly to the pool (0-100%)
Input a valid address Checking address validity Invalid address The server had an error attempting to validate! Valid address
Payout a percentage of your earnings to a specific address
Both fields are required to make a change

Exchangeable Currencies Set an address to disable Mincoin conversion for that currency

Step 2. Copy the message
Step 3. Sign the message
  1. Open up your Mincoin QT wallet
  2. Open file menu, click sign message
  3. It'll prompt you for an address and a message to sign. It will look something like this
  4. Put in your user address (MUwaLVgfhSbhybGM8Jq9mPPmZqF4Y2dPPy) for the address, and paste the message you just copied.
  5. Click 'Sign Message'
  6. Copy the signature, and paste it on our site in the signature field below
Step 4. Paste signature + update settings